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Is it time for a TV in your RV?

Your RV is your Luxury Home on Wheels.

Satellite is the Finishing Touch!

Q: What satellite system is best for me?
A: We are the Edmonton area’s leading choice for automatic satellite TV systems. We carry systems for either Shaw Direct (formally known as Starchoice) or Bell TV/ Telus Satellite TV. All Shaw Direct systems are High Definition (HD) ready and Bell/Telus are available in either HD or Standard Definition.

Q: Travelling in North America
A: If yes, then our systems are designed to get signal through out North America.

Q: Is your RV a coach? Do you want/ need to watch TV while in driving?
A: If yes, the only providers available in Canada to those customers that require an in motion system is Bell TV/ Telus Satellite TV.
The KVH R5 is an enclosed dome with a small dish inside. These systems are HD compatible with most HD receivers.
Please be advised that the smaller dish restricts the coverage area for Bell/Telus and therefore is only recommended if travel is between Grande Prairie and US Boarder, north to south. East to west coverage is satisfactory. Outside of this area, channel and/or signal losses are to be expected. Within this area, weather can affect signal reception as well.

Q: Do you currently have satellite TV at home?
A: If yes, we have automatic satellite systems for either Canadian provider. So, for example, if you have a Shaw direct system at home, it makes sense to have the same provider in your RV. Now you can simply take a receiver from the house with you when you travel or add a dedicated receiver to the RV. This way, you do not have to pay for two accounts just to have your TV on vacation. With both companies, you can have up to six (6) receivers per account. Please check with your service provider first for restrictions.

Q: Are dome systems compatible with Shaw Direct signals?
A: No, there are no domes that can work for Shaw Direct. To receive Shaw Direct signals with an automatic system, it is necessary to use a full size, fold up dish.

Q: How does a fold up dish compare to a dome system?
A: Dome systems are only compatible with Bell TV/ Telus Satellite TV. Fold up dishes come in either Bell TV/ Telus Satellite TV or Shaw Direct compatibility.
Domes contain much smaller dishes than what is recommended by Bell TV/ Telus Satellite TV. This limits the signal strength and the channels that can be received.Also effected by bad weather faster.
The main advantage of a dome system is the “track as you drive” capability of some systems. Dont have to ensure that you fold it down before moving. This allows viewers to watch satellite television while the vehicle is in motion.
Fold up dishes are full size. 24” for Bell TV/ Telus Satellite TV, and 70-76 cm (30-32”) for Shaw Direct. This allows for maximum signal strength throughout the broadcast footprint of both satellites.

Q: What are the advantages & disadvantages between a tripod or temporarily mounted dish and an automatic fixed dish on my RV?
A: There is one advantage with a temporary mounted system: the dish can be positioned away from trees or other obstructions even if the RV is surrounded. The disadvantages include having to store the mount and dish taking up valuable storage space, having to aim the dish every time you move, and it is subject to vandalism or weather damage.

Q: Want to watch HD programing
A: This is available by all providers. Conversions of TV’s in your RV might have to be done to have this capability, we do HD TV Flat screen conversions.



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